is an ever-growing, searchable database of medical grade silicones.

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What is MatSilicone.Com? is a free, easily navigated, ever-growing, searchable database of medical grade liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs). All information contained in this database is free, there are no additional costs. The goal of MatSilicone.Com is to provide a reliable source of information to design engineers and other users.

This database includes material property datasheets for LSRs from a variety of different vendors. These material datasheets include (but are not limited to) brief description, shore, durometer, tensile strength (in both metric and English units), percent elongation at break, specific gravity, compression set, extrusion rate, maximum number of implantable days, appearance, and other information where applicable.

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Silicone Manufacturers

Our searchable online database includes products from the following manufacturers:

    Applied Silicone


    Dow Corning